Additional Services

You have the possibility to receive your work in sections before the due date. Due to the progressive delivery option, you will be able to trace the writing process of the double-spaced academic works including 20+ pages and those single-spaced including 10+ pages.

Advantages of the Progressive Delivery Service

1.Only the most qualified writer and the professional editor will work on your order.

2.Your work will be delivered to you in sections (parts) in the course of writing. Thus, you will have an opportunity to track the writing progress and comment on the drafts sent to you at your request.

3.You will be assigned a site manager who will control the process of creating your work. He/she will also handle issues concerning additional information or alterations of guidelines.

4.You will be able to request a free revision within 30 days after the order deadline expiry.

Peculiarities of Drafts Submission

1.Orders with 4 or fewer days deadlines

A draft will be delivered to you after 50% of the deadline expires. It will include 25% of the entire paper.

2.Orders with 5-11-day deadlines

You will obtain two drafts. The first including 25% of the general number of words will be delivered to you after 25% of the imposed time frame passes. The second comprising 50% of the necessary text will be provided to you after 50% of the deadline expiry.

3.Orders with a 12-day deadline

You will get three drafts:

  • The first draft containing 25% of the total word count will be provided after 25% of the deadline passes.
  • The second draft including 50% of the total word count will be issued to you after 50% of the deadline expiration.
  • The third draft containing 75% of the total word count will be granted to you after 75% of the deadline termination.
  • The cost of the progressive delivery is only an additional 15% of the assignment price.

*In case you desire to get drafts according to your scheme, feel free to suggest it to your personal supervisor. We will discuss every detail to provide you with excellent services meeting your demands.

Additional Services for Short Pieces of Writing

  • Summary

The summary of your assignment will include 300 words. This option is specifically helpful to those who are required to briefly summarize the key aspects of the paper.

  • Draft

By using this option, you will obtain a draft 1 page in length (300 words for double-spaced texts and 600 words for the single-spaced ones) after 50% of the set deadlines expire.

  • Extended Revision

If you use the offered service, you will have an opportunity to ask for a free revision 14 days after the deadline expiry.