Introduction to Business: Motivating Employees

In my opinion, Abraham Maslow a great contribution to the development of business in general. He created the theory in 1943. Today every entrepreneur uses the theory of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Abraham Maslow singled out five levels of his theory: Psychological, Safe, Love/Belonging, Esteem and Self-actualization (Simons, Irwin Drinnien).

I think that the head determines what the organization has to fulfill, when, how and who has to do it in the planning and organizing the work. If the choice of these solutions is made effective, the head is able to coordinate the efforts of employees. Also, supervisor may realize the potential of the staff. The leaders embody their decisions in the case by implementing the basic principles of motivation. We can conclude that motivation is the process of encouraging ourselves and others to work and to achieve personal goals or objectives of the organization.

Scientists suggest that people feel the need, when they feel physiologically or psychologically lack of something. Although a particular person at a particular time may not have the need for a conscious sense of feelings. There are certain needs, which each person can feel. Content theories of motivation are attempts to classify these universal needs in certain categories.

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The supervisor has to deal with two main types of rewards: internal and external. The internal reward is the result of the achievement, content and significance of the performed work, and self-respect. Examples of external rewards are salary, promotion, official characters of status and prestige. To determine how and in what proportions to use internal and external rewards of motivation the supervisor has to determine the needs of employees. It is the main goal of substantive theories of motivation.

In my paper work, I would like to provide an example of motivation of employees in IBM. In the IBM Company, where the main part of employees is under the age of 40-45 years old, pays great attention to the various family programs: a flexible work schedule staff, corporate kindergartens, organizing of family celebrations. It is very popular to differentiate and upgrade the skills of employees. At IBM, the cost of all kinds of professional development and training of employees reach 900 million dollars per year. The company claims that this money is coming back by employment efficiency and loyalty (IBM Company).

Maslow's theory is extremely interesting for the study and implementation of any business. Each person should improve themselves. A person has to pass all steps of Maslow's hierarchy to improve the workflow. When I look for a job In the future, I will pay great attention to the motivation that the company provides to employees.

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