Application Essay Writing Tips

Application essay plays an important role in every student's life. You do not need to be in a hurry while writing such a paper. Essays of such type are usually short but it does not mean that you can write it in 30 minutes. College application essay papers should help the reader to understand why you decided to enter a certain college or take part in the educational program, what contribution you can make while studying, etc. Working on application essay the writer should not make it a task with the deadline. You have to understand that it is high time to read, write, rewrite, ask a friend to read it, revise your writing until it is concise and clear for the reader. In order to write catching essay that can draw attention of the audience, it is recommended to be inventive, original and, to some extent, funny. Remember that application essay format can be written in only two formats. 

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Two formats of application essay

  • Few short answers to specific questions
  • One page essay that gives answer to certain question

A writer should conduct a research prior to writing a common application essay.

He or she has to contemplate on the following things:

  • Chosen sphere. You have to think why you decided to enter a specific field. Think about its advantages and disadvantages. Why you are interested in the sphere? Do not forget to write down all these ideas.
  • Educational program. Why you decided to choose this specific program? What is so special about the courses it offers? In case you cannot answer the above mentioned questions, it would be better to meet and talk with some of the students who already participate in the program or use the brochures they offer.

Think About Yourself

In order to write a catching application essay, you have to think what makes you so special. Even negative experiences or difficult moments you had in your life could influence your decision to participate in the program. Think about people or things that motivate you. Maybe you have strong leadership or communication skills? Provide serious reasons why you have to be chosen for the program. Another advice is to be honest while thinking about all these staffs and write all the answers down. In case it is difficult to cope with this task by yourself, ask your relative or a close friend to create a list of your personal qualities. It will definitely help you to focus while writing such essays.

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Personal Achievements

Description of your achievements and accomplishments can make college application essays interesting. The papers of such kind will give you an opportunity to focus on your personal accomplishments and describe your skills and abilities. It is very useful for, so-called, self-advertising and expressing yourself as a great leader, high quality specialist or a perspective student. The paper requires description of the achievements and steps taken to do them. It is also recommended to pay attention to such things as the efforts made and methods used in the process of your task accomplishing.

After writing down all the ideas, think about the vital aspects of your essay and your audience. Make sure the audience will understand why you chose this sphere or program. In addition, by writing clear and concise essay, you will definitely show that you care about the audience. It will help you earn their respect and increase your chances to be admitted to the program.
Choosing among college application essay topics can be a difficult task. On one side, such types of essays may seem too personal while, on the other side, application essay helps better understand personal goals and evaluate one's achievements. Such kind of essays helps students uncover their personality and the way they integrate into society.