Creative Essay Topics

An average student has to spend much time and efforts writing a good paper. We assure you that choosing an essay topic is the most critical step since it influences the following writing process. You should spend several weeks brainstorming the ideas. During this time you have to read many books and journals in order to choose something interesting and undiscovered yet.

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If you experience some difficulties with choosing a topic, we offer you some good essay topics from the following list:

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Admission Topics

Admission essay plays a crucial role in the student's career and admission topics should be catching and informative. Admission essays should demonstrate your personal skills and abilities. Not only do you have to write about your experience, but you should also concentrate on your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Only imagine that everything can inspire you when writing an admission essay.

Admission topics can be as following:

  • The most memorable experience of my life. (Try to describe your feelings and the lessons that you have learned from this experience. Make the reader live this experience with you).
  • I have a dream and I am going to make it true. (Show the audience what tools you have to achieve success. Explain the committee why this dream is important to you. It should not be buying a new car perhaps it can be invention of the vaccine for an incurable disease, etc. Try to make your essay full of emotions and the reader will like it.)
  • People who inspire me. (You do not have to concentrate on the personalities of these people but show the reader what you find inspiring and fascinating in them. Feel free to explain how they can influence your life).
  • My favorite book/movie/sport. (In such an essay you may tell what you have learned from this activity or how your personality changed after reading the book or watching the movie).

Social Topics

College essay topics concerning social issues are easy to pick – you just need to find some topical issue and find good supportive materials for writing. Read morning newspapers regularly and you will get many ideas of how to develop a social topic. The essay on a social topic differs from others. It requires conversance with a topic as well as presence of profound evidence. This essay cannot be biased but should contain the most up-to-date information and facts.

The examples of good social topics:

  • What can cause the Third World War?
  • How the spheres of interest can destroy the international relations?
  • What are the ways to resolve the conflicts in the Middle East?
  • How can the world overcome poverty?
  • Is it important to educate children all over the world?
  • How does urbanization influence the environment?

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Literature Essay Topics

Undoubtedly, literature topics are the most interesting ones for all the students. Everybody loves to read because books are the best teachers. Literature topics vary but they can be divided into several groups:

  • Gender roles of the literary characters (Discussion of Norah's role in A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen).
  • Comparison between two literary works of the same genre (Discuss the differences and similarities of The Story of an Hour and The Yellow Wallpaper).
  • Analysis of literary genre and the role of the artist in it (What role did magical realism play in the world literature and how did Gabriel Garcia Marques contribute to it?).
  • Discussion of autobiography of an author (What are the key points of Autobiography of Malcolm X).
  • Literature devices in the novels (Analyze symbolism in The Picture of Dorian Grey).

Essay topic ideas are not limited to the above mentioned topics. You are free to imagine and create something new. As you may notice, creative essay topics are different. The choice of the topic depends on the discipline or subject, however, the common feature for every topic is that it should be newsworthy and curious for the readers. Be sure to organize your essay properly and you will easily achieve academic success!