Essay Grammar Check Tips

Students usually get in trouble when they get to the final part of writing an essay. It is the time for essay grammar check. Grammar is one of the factors that attribute to the final grade. Poor grammar and punctuation will be in the way of receiving a good grade. If you are interested how write descriptive essay grammarcheck we will provide some tips, which we consider very helpful.

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When speaking about commas and semi-colons, students try to make an effort and recollect one of the rules they have learned. But if you are not that good at learning theory, try the method that we recommend. A comma is always used to demonstrate a short pause. Read your essay sentence by sentence and mark the spots where you naturally pause. But essay grammar can be very tricky. If you feel that it should be a longer pause, but it is still not the full stop, then you probably need to use a semi-colon; keep in mind that the sentence following a semi-colon should be able to exist on its own, as a separate sentence, like this one. But it has to be related to the previous one. Let you reader take time to pause. When the paper lacks punctuation marks, the whole essay becomes unreadable. At the same time, keep in mind that over-punctuation is as bad as the absence of punctuation marks.

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Grammar check has a number of other elements you need to take care of

  • From time to time, you will use abbreviations or acronyms in your paper. Make sure to identify them at first. Usually, an average reader will manage to identify one, if it is commonly used. For example, there is no need to identify NATO or AIDS. When writing the paper, keep your audience in mind. Specialists in particular disciplines do not need a profound identification of the terms they use every day in their work.
  • Essay check is not an easy task, and therefore, one needs to be extremely attentive when doing it. Once in a while you will run across the problem of splitting the infinitive. This is what a number of people do unintentionally. Try to avoid this problem as much as possible.
  • Avoid using "that" when you refer to a person. Most of the time, people would use "that", when they are unsure of whether to use "who" or "whom." There is a simple rule to distinguish between those two. The person that actually does the action or the subject should be referred to as "who", while the person that gets something done , or the object, is usually referred to as "whom". Always check your essay grammar when you are ready with the paper.
  • Do not try to be flawless in spelling and grammar check. Even professors make mistakes. But always double check your essay, and you will have a chance to notice major mistakes. You may also ask someone, who is good at grammar and punctuation to check the paper for you. A person, reading the paper for the first time will definitely notice more, than the student who has gone over it for a number of times.
  • When you are completing your essay grammar check, do not forget to fix all the issues related to passive voice. Passive voice overuse, make the essay sound rough. It is very difficult to follow a paper filled with passive voice constructions.
  • Use underlining and italics correctly. Never use these elements simultaneously. They both have a similar meaning. Usually, when underlining the text in italics, the editor wants to take these words out of italics. Therefore, when you use these two elements simultaneously, you create an effect of a double negative.

Essay grammar has much to do with your knowledge. You will always make a number of mistakes, if you do not know the rules. Get yourself a place to write down the rules you tend to forget. Keep the list in front of you when writing an essay. You may also consult with a number of manuals in the process of writing.