Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I pay for the preferred writer if I choose the supreme quality of writing?

    If you order the supreme quality, you can be sure that your paper will be written by one of our top-30 writers, who will have the necessary background and expertise in your research field. Besides, you will receive a plagiarism report made on your final paper and make sure the paper is authentic. If you are willing to deal with the specific writer, you will need to order the Preferred Writer option. In this case, you can be sure that our Writing Department will assign this specific expert to your order. Pay attention that the preferred writer`s option should be paid additionally.

  • Can you take my test?

    Yes, an online test is one of many writing services we provide to our customers. When placing the order, make sure to choose the Online test service. To help us pass your test successfully, you need to provide us with all the materials that will help your assistant get ready for your test. Also, you should not forget to provide us with valid login details, as well as the date of test submission and the duration of the test.

  • Will I receive any notifications from your team?

    Yes, you will receive an automatic email every time any action or event takes place in your account. What is more, you will be able to receive notifications via system messages, SMS, or phone calls.

  • I would like to request a revision but a free revision deadline has already expired. What should I do?

    In this case, you just need to place a new order of Revision type and we will make the necessary corrections in your paper. If you are not sure how to do it, feel free to ask our support team for assistance.

  • How can I request a revision? Will it be free?

    We guarantee free revisions within 48 hours in case the revision instructions do not contradict initial guidelines. To send your order to revision, you will need to log in to your personal account, find the necessary order, and send revision comments to your writer. If you have no opportunity to log in, you can contact our support representatives and ask them to assist you.

  • Can I get only one revision within a free-revision period?

    No, you are free to ask for a free revision an unlimited number of times as long as your revision instructions correspond with the initial guidelines.

  • Can you send my paper earlier?

    We never miss customers` deadlines and send all papers within the time frames indicated by our customers. The urgency you choose when placing the order influences its price. Therefore, if you want to receive your paper earlier, you will need to pay the price difference as we cannot make our writers and editors work faster without appropriate compensation.

  • Can I change my email (password, phone number)?

    If you are willing to update the personal profile, you can do it by using the Edit tab. When you are done with making changes, do not forget to save them.

  • Can I order a draft for my paper?

    Yes, a draft option is available to our customers. By ordering this option, you will be able to stay updated on the order progress. If you buy a draft for your order, it will be available to you within 50% of the order deadline. Please, note that the draft option requires additional payment.

  • I have some problems with placing an order. Why the form cannot be completed?

    Most probably, the problem is caused by the files you are trying to upload. They can either have a big size or inappropriate format. In this case, you should proceed with submitting the order form without the files. If these files are important, you are free to send them via email and one of our support managers will forward them to your writer.

  • Where can I find my paper?

    Once the deadline expires, you will be able to download your paper from your personal profile in the Files tab. In addition, we will forward an automatic email with the link that will enable you to download your paper in one click.

  • I do not want to provide you with my personal phone number. Am I obliged to?

    No, providing your personal phone number is not obligatory. However, it will greatly facilitate our communication. In case urgent clarifications are needed, we will be able to reach you using your phone number.

  • How long can it take to assign a writer?

    Usually, it takes from a few minutes to a few hours to find an appropriate volunteer. However, it may take more time depending on the writer`s availability, assignment complexity, etc.

  • Where is my order uploaded?

    Once your paper is written, you will be able to download it from the Files section. If you have troubles with it, you should get in touch with our support team and they will help you download your paper in no time.

  • I have some issues with payment. What should I do?

    We do not deal with payments directly. In case of having any troubles with the payment for your order, you should try using another card, device, payment system, or browser. If you have other questions, you are free to get in touch with our support team and they will help you.

  • How will I know that my order is assigned?

    You can easily track your order progress in our convenient message system. If it has the Processing status, it means that the writer is working on your order already. The Completed/Sent status is a sign that you can log in to your account and download your paper because it is ready.

  • Can I know that the writer was assigned?

    Once the appropriate writing expert is found, you will see their personal ID number in the Writer field.

  • Can I add more pages to my completed order?

    Sure, you are free to place an additional order in the system and link it to the one with the Completed or Processing status. To do it, you need to log in to your profile. Alternatively, you can ask one of our support managers for assistance and they will gladly help you place an order.

  • I have chosen the wrong academic level/urgency/number of pages? Can I update my order form?

    Once the order form is submitted, you are not able to fix it. However, our support managers can do it upon your request. Please note that the price for your order will be recalculated based on your updates.

  • I have some difficulties with submitting the order form. What should I do?

    Make sure no big files are attached. Because of the size restrictions, the order form cannot be completed. In this case, you need to submit the order form without files. Then, you will need to ask our support managers to forward your files to the writer.

  • What structural components will my paper include?

    By following the instructions indicated in the order form, your work will comprise the following elements: a title page, outline, if necessary, and reference page organized in a respective format.

  • What about your prices?

    You can learn more about the prices we have set on different types of orders on the respective page of our website. We have made everything possible to make our prices reasonable so that every customer can afford to buy papers from us. Still, one should know that the order price depends on four chief factors such as the number of pages, time frame, writing level and assignment type. Bear in mind that the shorter the deadline the higher the price. By the way, we offer generous discounts to both our regular and first-time customers. It will make our collaboration even more beneficial.

  • What should I do if I forget my password?

    If you order a paper at for the first time, you will automatically get an online account which requires creating a password. In case you forget your password when trying to log in to your online profile, you should click a "Password reminder" icon. Then, follow the given online instructions to restore your password. As an alternative, you can turn to our support department for assistance.

  • When will my paper be completed?

    Mind to indicate the right deadline for completing your assignment when filling in the order form. Please do not forget that the deadline begins from the moment we get the payment verification. For example, if we get your payment on Monday 1 a.m. and the imposed time frame is 72 hours, your writing project will be delivered to you on Thursday by 1 a.m. The time frame for dealing with a particular assignment is imposed individually by every client. You should understand that it is very important to set reasonable deadlines for different types of orders. For instance, it is impossible to write a good term paper within a few hours. If you do not want to fail your projects, you should check the deadline options for each type of papers in the order form. Properly set deadline ensures high quality of the final product. However, the stated time frame is not the only factor that influences the final result. You need to give us detailed guidelines for completing your assignment. Additionally, if there is any extra course material concerning your project, feel free to attach it to the order form. If you do not provide a full set of instructions when filling in the order form but in the course of writing, you will need to place an additional order to compensate writer's work on the project with new directions.

  • Can I be sure of receiving a plagiarism-free paper?

    Each piece of writing we deliver to you is authentic. All papers created by our professionals are scanned for plagiarism by modern plagiarism detection program. The software used by our agency differs from those used by different educational establishments, as we do not send the checked papers to the online databases. Therefore, when ordering papers from us, you can be certain of getting a completely original work without any form of plagiarism. In case you consider some parts of your writing project plagiarized, you should send us a solid plagiarism report. Mind that you need to upload a plagiarism-free paper if you intend to use our editing, formatting or proofreading services (the agency is not responsible for the copied content identified in the sections created by the customer).

  • Can I contact the writer assigned to my order?

    There are many reasons for which our agency is considered the most reputable in the writing industry. One of them is that we are available around the clock. You can reach us at any time suitable for you by using different communication options. In order to contact the assigned writer, you need to log in to your account, choose the required order and send the message to the writer by using the messaging board.

  • Where is your company located? is a US-based writing agency. We have been assisting students from different parts of the globe with their writing projects for many years. We do know how to produce outstanding academic papers meeting quality standards.

  • Are your writers able to explore complicated topics?

    Our writing experts have already created different papers such as essays, research proposals, dissertations, etc. on various topics. Be certain that we always make sure that we have the writer who is able to complete your order. In case you have any concerns about whether we have the writers specializing in your area, contact our support agents. They will help you make the right decision.

  • Will my work be produced by a native English speaking Writer?

    If you order a paper from our agency, you should not worry about its quality. Our team comprises native English-speaking specialists. They are not only good at English but also highly knowledgeable about different writing styles. We do realize that identifying whether the paper has been created by native or non-native English speaker is a piece of cake for experienced professors. That is why we employ the writers who know English grammar perfectly and are able to prepare superior pieces of writing. Before the applicants start working for us, they need to pass some tests to prove they have good writing skills and are fully aware of different aspects of English such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.

  • How can one order a paper at


    If you want to use our services, you need to access the order page and fill in the order form. Keep in mind that it is necessary to provide detailed information about the work you are going to purchase from us. Thus, we will be able to assign an appropriate writer to your paper. After placing your order, you need to pay for using our services. Once the payment is made, the writer will start dealing with your order straight away. We assure you that your project will be done by the writer with relevant experience in your field of study. Note that our team of professionals can handle well even urgent orders. The deadline for completing your assignment starts when we receive the payment. Do not forget this rule when setting the time frame for completing your project. When using our services, you will have a personal online profile on our website. Your finished order will be uploaded into your account according to the deadline.