High School Essay vs College Essay

Some students feel more than comfortable with writing high school vs college essay. For them, the transition from high school to college level is very smooth. Hopefully, high school essay writing for you was just a piece of cake. But what to do, if you are among those, who feel uncomfortable with writing high school essays, Then, college with all its tricky tasks will become a real horror for you.

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Mastering college essay writing

It is a pity, when the student spends best years for mastering college vs high school essay. You may have been good at writing high school essays and received high grades and now your professor is dissatisfied with the quality of the papers you hand in. Yes, this is college. At once, the tasks have become more difficult, and the teachers have become pickier. They may say: "Your paper lacks something, like a deeper analysis or a stronger thesis". They think you should already know how to do this.

  • you may even change the style of writing;
  • proofread your essays for a number of times;
  • use smart phrases.

But none of this will work, unless you understand the main feature of a college. Professors at college do not want you to write something fancier or better, but they want something quite different. It has partly to do with the higher standards at college. You cannot succeed in college essays by merely being smarter or more skillful. Instead, you need to think of a way to use your intelligence for a new task. You also need to think outside the box.

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Transition from high school to college essay

In college, you will have to write essay for a number of classes. The range of the assignments will definitely surprise anyone new to it. Sometime a student will get a task to summarize the reading and to show the understanding of subject. At such occasions, writing a college essay may seem easy. Occasionally, a teacher may ask students to react to the reading. It means that you need to make your own conclusions after giving a brief summary of the article. Another beloved task of any professor is the analysis of the reading. Be prepared to dwell upon those every other week.

Such tasks demand a lot of concentration and analytical skills. You will have a limited number of pages to provide an analysis on. Usually for any college essay you will need to pick a thesis and support it with reasonable claims. All the supportive information should be taken from credible sources, like scholar journals or peer-reviewed articles. Of course some of this information will be provided to you on the hand-outs or included in the essay instructions. But you need to be prepared for the rest. College professors treat you as a grown-up, who should find time to learn new information on your own. But do not be shy, in case you need a consultation. Most of the teachers are eager to assist their students in the process of writing. Some of them can share very useful tips with you.
But if you have acquired some good high school essay writing skills that were helpful at college, you definitely need to write your high school teachers a letter of gratitude. It is the least thing you can do, as your college life became much easier due to their efforts. In the end, college essays are not that difficult as they may seem.