Writing Good Essays

Does your professor require that students submit good essays, but you do not know how to write a good essay? We suggest you to learn the following guidelines and make sure that you can create a perfect essay quite effortlessly.

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Learn the Topic Extremely Carefully

  • Do not overuse "I think", "I feel", "I believe" in your paper;
  • Use vocabulary that you can explain;
  • Be sure to identify the key words of your topic;
  • Remember that only good essay topics are able to improve your academic rating!

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Conduct Good Research and Try to Find As Many Reliable Sources As Possible

  • Be selective; try to find the sources that refer to your topic directly. These sources should support your arguments or argue them;
  • Use up-to-date sources only. Many topics require the sources that are not older than five years;
  • Reading the source, feel free to make the notes in order to use the highlighted thoughts in your paper;
  • Read all the information about the source because it will be necessary for creating a reference list.

Brainstorm the Key Ideas of Your Essay

  • Jot down all the relevant information;
  • Think about your previous experience that can be useful for writing an essay;
  • Use a mind map to stimulate the lateral brain functions and you will understand how to start a good essay.

Develop a Good Thesis Statement that Will Represent Your Idea

  • Good thesis statement should be written at the end of introduction;
  • A perfect thesis statement is just one-two meaningful sentences;
  • The content of the paper should be based on the thesis statement – all the ideas stated in the essay should support or argue the thesis statement;
  • Avoid simple thoughts when writing a thesis statement. It should be complex but understandable because the reader will follow your idea throughout the whole essay;
  • Remember that the thesis statement is the backbone of your good college essay. When the content of written essay does not correspond to a thesis statement –revise it immediately.

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Write a Good Plan for Your Essay

  • Feel free to write a short outline that will serve as a plan for your essay. An outline should point out all the key items of your paper. A good outline can allow managing your schedule efficiently;
  • Make sure every point of the outline is relevant to your thesis statement;
  • All the key points should be in the logical sequence.

Write a Good Introduction

  • An introduction should contain the background information about the problem;
  • Very often the introduction should start a discussion;
  • An introduction will also indicate the future research;
  • All the names and readings discussed in the essay should be mentioned in the introduction;
  • An introduction should grab the reader's attention from the first line.

Develop the Main Body of Your Essay

  • Every point should have its own paragraph;
  • All the paragraphs should be clearly divided. Essay should have smooth transitions;
  • Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence;
  • The paragraphs should not start or end with a citation;
  • Provide good evidence for your main ideas;
  • Each paragraph should recall your thesis statement;
  • A classical structure of the essay contains three body paragraphs.

Write an Efficient Conclusion

  • Conclusion should demonstrate that you have reached your aim;
  • A good conclusion will reconsider the thesis statement and summarize the key ideas;
  • It will be great if you can finish conclusion with a thought-provoking idea.

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Editing the Final Draft

  • Make sure that your essay is free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors;
  • Delete all the unnecessary information;
  • Check the word choice and substitute the weak words for the stronger ones.

Submitting the Final Copy

  • Polish your reference list. All the in-text citations should appear in the reference list. Try to use only reliable sources;
  • Present a neat copy free of all the previous shortcomings;
  • Timely delivery will help you to get the highest scores.

Is writing a good essay still a problem for you? Stick to the above mentioned plan and create good essays!