Writing a Thesis

Every student knows how tough it can be to write a good research paper. There is a lot of preparatory work that needs to be done before you start writing. It takes a while to investigate the topic of your paper, find a proper amount of credible sources, and organize the ideas. However, the most challenging task is actually to begin creating. To compose a sophisticated yet comprehensible text, you should have excellent writing skills and fully realize the purpose of this assignment. Therefore, you should start with the most important thing. An integral part of a successful research paper is writing a thesis statement. A strong thesis guarantees that you will have a focused and well-structured paper. It will be much easier to pursue with exploring your ideas when you already have a solid thesis. In case you fail to write a good one, there is a high risk you will not manage to complete the task.

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The General Notion of a Thesis Statement

What is a thesis in an essay? If you ask this question, you definitely need to read the following information. The thesis statement is usually the last sentence of the introduction paragraph that is the first paragraph of your essay. However, it is common for experienced and aspiring authors to devote more than one paragraph to discussing the importance and topicality of the issues they raise in their paper. In such case, the thesis is placed at the end of the last introductory paragraph. It is meant to inform the reader what the main aim of your paper is and what it is going to be about.

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If you wonder how to write a thesis for an essay, you should check out the following tips. There are many ways to create an effective thesis that will demonstrate the purpose of your essay. You can start with "In this essay, I will" phrase that usually helps to ascertain that you are in the process of writing a thesis statement. You can also use the third person to convey your message. In both cases, you should make sure to keep the focus on the main idea of the paper.

There are a few examples in different styles to write a thesis statement for an essay

  • An example of the thesis statement written in the third person: It is vital to participate actively in saving coral reefs and preventing the catastrophic consequences that their loss can cause to our economy and food reserve.
  • An example of the thesis of an essay using the first person: In this paper, I will highlight the importance of the immediate saving coral reefs and preventing the catastrophic consequences that their loss can cause to our economy and food reserve.

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To write a solid essay thesis, you should be sure about the topic and aim of your paper. You will always have a chance to alter your thesis in case you decided to broaden the theme you are discussing. Therefore, you can simply return to the initial thesis statement and rewrite it in a proper way that corresponds to the new main idea. For instance, we can go back to the topic of coral reef destruction. It is possible that in the process of your work on a paper you decide to describe different ways, in which people can destroy coral reefs. In this case, writing a thesis statement will require including precise information about your latest purpose. For example, you can turn your thesis into something like that: "I am going to describe various ways, in which people destroy coral reefs, and the methods to prevent their loss."

The most important thing you should remember about writing a thesis is that you should be 100% sure that you know the topic of your essay and its main purpose. These are the key factors in creating a good thesis statement that will help you succeed in your academic writing.