Good Problem Solution Essay

If you want to become a successful student, you should practice every day to improve your writing skills and get more ideas for creative essay writing. However, not every student can succeed in academic writing. There are many reasons why the students have poor grades. The most widespread one is that the average student fails to manage his schedule and finds it difficult to cope with many assignments with the tight deadlines. Sometimes, students experience the lack of inspiration and writing skills and sometimes they just do not want to spend their time of the boring writing process. If you are one of them - it is not a problem anymore!
Problem: you have to write a perfect problem solution essay but have no time and inspiration.
Solution: Use our effective tips for creative writing and achieve success in your college or university.
Sounds easy, does not it?

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The List of Effective Tools Necessary of the Successful Submission

We assure you that after reading the following article you will improve your writing skills since it contains a lot of secrets for the effective problem solution essay writing. Read carefully the following steps and learn the key lessons useful for creative essay writing:

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If you want to impress your lecturer, choose an easy problem-solution essay topics. There are a huge number of topics for problem solution essay, but you have to choose a very interesting and undeveloped one. If you have to write a problem solution essay, the topic should not be too broad. For example, the topic of the peace in the whole world is quite ineffective because, unfortunately, you will not find effective ways for its solving. Actually, the topic should be creative and easy to discover. Perhaps, you should communicate with close people in order to understand what issue can be discussed when writing a problem solution essay. If you find something interesting, ask yourself: "What benefits will my essay bring?", "What questions should be answered in my essay?" and other questions. Creative topic for problem solution essay is the key to your academic success.


Developing a proposal will be the next and a very important step of your work. You are the first person whom you should persuade. Try to ask yourself as many questions as possible and answer them completely. After this procedure, you will be able to answer any question of your lecturer. Be sure to determine the sphere of study that you have to discover. Also, think about the research plan for your problem and solution essay. Do not waste time leaving your assignment for the last day. If you want to succeed in your educational institution, you should demonstrate a very professional approach to work. Think about your audience. Will this paper bring some novelty into the scientific work? Will it be useful for readers? Careful planning of your work is a vitally important procedure since it will help you to manage your time and succeed in your college or university.


When the topic is chosen, it is time to get the preliminary feedback. Talk to your professor. Make sure that your topic is interesting to him. What is more, make sure that you will be able to find some reliable sources to support your arguments. Make your topic known to the people you can rely on. They can advise you how to conduct research and what issues should be discovered in your paper. Feel free to tell your professor about your plans for conducting research and after his approval you may continue the writing process.

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You should spend much time in the library or internet. As it was mentioned above, try to find as many reliable sources as possible. No matter, how much knowledge you have about the topic- the sources should support or argue your points. We assure you that good research will help you to develop your ideas. Read all the information carefully because it is necessary to add all the sources to the bibliography list. Do not try to find information in the pre-written papers available on the web. We assure you that such an unprofessional approach will lead to academic failure. Your sources should be reliable – such as scientific books and peer reviewed articles. If you use,, be ready to lose some grades. The sources should help you to get a solution to the problem set. Do not forget that problem solution essay is not a simple task and it requires much time and efforts.


When the research is done, it is time to think about the organization of your essay. We would like to warn you that you should not jump from the introduction to a conclusion. If you look through a problem solution essay example, which you may find on the web, you will see that such essay should have a clear structure and every student should stick to it. A good essay should contain the introduction with a thesis statement at the end. Introduction should state the problem that you would like to discover in your paper. The body of the paper will discuss the problem, explain why it is topical and name possible solutions to it. Also, if the problem has no solutions, you should explain why. The conclusion should be solid as it sums up all the above mentioned points. Sometimes, the professor can read the introduction and conclusion only in order to evaluate the whole paper. It means that the introduction and conclusion are the most important parts of the paper. Also, an essential part of the paper is outline. A good outline will reduce your efforts since it will help you to make a proper structure of your paper.


When all the previous steps are done, you may start writing the paper. Remember that this type of assignment requires starting with the problem section first. Logical structure of your paper will help your professor understand the paper and enjoy reading. This is one of the possible variants of the key points of your problem and solution essay:

  • Define the problem;
  • Explain what caused this problem;
  • Discuss the extent of the problem;
  • Tell the reader why this problem should be solved; what can happen if it is not;

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When the problem is clearly described, it is time to search for solutions. Make you position clear to the reader; explain what can help in solving the problem. Each possible solution should be discussed separately. Also, it is very important to refute the possible opposite views. The audience should be totally satisfied with your professional approach. Conclusion should sound as a call to action. This type of a paper requires a good plan for solving a serious problem and the conclusion is the result of your work. Make it ground and informative. It would be great if you use some statistics and visual aids to support your ideas.


When the essay is written, do not hurry to submit it. Read your problem solution essay for several times in order to make sure that it is easy to read and understandable for your professor. The essay should also be free of grammar mistakes, plagiarism, as well as punctuation and spelling errors. In order to get good grades, the essay should find good solutions to the problem stated. If you feel that your essay is great and can get you the best grades - feel free to submit it. Also, remember that timely delivery will bring you several additional points.

Learn these steps thoroughly and we assure you that writing a good essay will not be a problem for you.