MLA Essay Format

First and foremost, a good essay should have an interesting and creative topic. Try to pick up the subject that will be new for everyone. Do not pour water into a sieve! If you cannot come up with a good topic now, feel free to do that when the paper is written. Please, forget about copy-pasting information from the web because you will easily fail your grades. Be sure to produce a brilliant paper in MLA essay format and excellent academic reputation will be guaranteed to you!

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How to Make the Paper Original?

One more useful thing about MLA format is that the content of the paper should be totally original; no one likes to read the same stuff for several times. An original paper must be full of fresh ideas and thoughts. Usually, MLA format essay does not contain a lot of statistical data. It is widely used for literature essays, art essays, humanities essays, etc. In order to write a unique and original paper, you should read many books. However, do not just copy-paste the clever thoughts of other people, but use them as the background for your own ideas.

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What Are the Key Peculiarities of MLA Format Essay?

If you have been asked to format the paper in accordance with MLA style, it means that your professor wants you to present your paper in a specific way. MLA format has many peculiarities that make it different from other styles.

Document setting in MLA citation format should be as follows:

  • No extra spacing between the paragraphs
  • One-inch margins
  • Typeface should be 12-point, Times New Roman
  • A paper should be double-spaced
  • Indent the first line of each paragraph using Tab
  • Use italics for the long titles
  • Follow all the standards of punctuation

MLA style does not require a title page unless your professor points the opposite. Usually, the information such as the student's name, professor's name, name of the class, and date of submission is presented in the upper left corner of the paper. The last name of the student and the number of a page are indicated in the upper right corner of the first page.

In-Text Citations in MLA Style

In-text citations also make this format unique. They should appear in the body of the paper and support the writer's main arguments. Usually, the in-text citation includes the name of the source's author and the page on which the quote can be found in the source. With proper in-text citations, it will be easier to navigate on the works cited page. Also, you may use the footnotes and endnotes, but they are not necessary. In MLA style, the function of the headings and subheadings is optional. You do not need to break up the text if it is not necessary. We assure you that you may find an MLA format template, however we do not advise you to use it as your own since it will lead to academic failure.

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Works Cited Page

Every format has its own method of arranging references. In MLA, there is the Works Cited. It includes the information about all the sources in the alphabetical order. Also, unlike the other styles, you should point if your source is taken from the web or it is print. If you cite only one literary work, the page will be called Work Cited. If you do not know what is MLA format, do not hesitate to read all the previous information!

To summarize, in order to create a paper in MLA format, the student needs to follow series of important rules. Most students believe that MLA style identifies how to cite the sources and create the list of references. However, it is not true. MLA essay format includes many specific features, and if you want to succeed in your college or university, you should follow all the guidelines. There are many manuals available online; however you should be careful using them because MLA standards can vary. Feel free to use the most up-to-date sources and you will get the desired grades.