Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in our services. You need to know that we take care of the privacy and security of the client's personal data since it is a top priority for us. Therefore, we do our best to protect the personal information of our customers.

In the process of our work, we need to collect the information about:

  • Our clients;
  • Other website visitors.

Our server automatically remembers the following details:

  • Browser type;
  • Time of access;
  • Operating system.

As you may see, such information will not disclose the individual's identity. It is used to customize the data and improve the content information. Our privacy policy does not allow sharing or selling personal information using this method.


Browsing our website, you may notice that it has user-friendly navigation. We use the option of "cookies" which allows us to gather the statistical data of frequency of visits, time, etc.

Personal Information

We may ask you to provide your:

  • Name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Phone number.

We ask our clients to provide these details during the process of registration. Working on the order, we may need some clarifications, course materials, or even topic's approval. Therefore, we will need to contact the customer for clarification. We kindly ask our clients to provide accurate details to get a high-quality paper. Moreover, client personal data will be available only for the company personnel, and it will never be sold, shared, published, or disclosed to a third party.

Online Transactions

Our company uses safe and secure payment systems that do not allow disclosing information about any transactions. Sometimes, to avoid instances of online fraud, our Financial Department asks our customers to verify their identity.

Customer's Rights

Being our customer, you can freely delete, correct, and replace information in your personal profile whenever it is needed. In this case, you just need to contact our Support Team and let them know what changes should be applied.