Academic Style in Writing

There are different types of writing styles, students often get confused and make terrible context mistakes in their papers. Writing styles help authors to express their attitude towards a problem. Let us explain how to differentiate each style of writing. Every person likes a certain style of music. Some people enjoy hip-hop, while others prefer pop music. The same can be applied to writing. Every person uses a specific writing style in his/her paper in order to present opinions and attitudes. There are four key types of writing – narrative, persuasive, expository, and descriptive. It is very important for students to know writing styles definition and the main principles of each style if they want to become successful in academic writing.

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Narrative writing

Narrative writing makes an attempt to entertain the reader by telling a story. The key goal of this style is not to make the reader bored, which usually happens in poorly structured narratives. It can be done only if the writer uses special vocabulary that will make the reader interested in reading the story till the end. Narrative writing presumes descriptive imagery and language, which would help the reader visualize the scenes, settings, and characters. While reading the story, one should become a part of the action and see what happens in the plot. Though there are different types of writing styles, students usually adore reading narrative writing since its authors introduce different writing techniques to make the reader interested. For instance, if the author wants to keep readers in suspense, he/she will use short and choppy sentences to make the cliffhanger the most memorable and breathtaking. It means that the genre of the narrative makes a huge impact on the style of writing.

Persuasive writing 

Persuasive writing is the most typical style students have to deal with in their studies. It is commonly seen in essays and newspaper articles. When reading the writing style definition, one will see that persuasive writing is focused on the specific details and evidential support that back up writer's claims. However, it does not mean that writer should concentrate on facts only. Persuasive essay has to include a clear opinion of the writer, which should be supported with evidence and not vice versa. It would be extremely boring to read only facts and statistical information because readers want to see writer's standpoint on the matter. In addition, writer should be able to convince the reader that his/her ideas are the most precise and valid. While reading a concluding paragraph, the reader should choose the writer's position. Otherwise, this piece of writing did not reach its primary goal.

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Expository writing

Expository writing incorporates almost all types of essays, apart from persuasive ones. The focus of this style is to explain a notion or idea by using a wide range of evidential support. However, please differentiate between supportive details to prove the standpoint and a general presentation of examples as a discussion of the subject matter. In expository papers, writer should not concentrate on convincing that his/her opinion is the most accurate one. Basically, essays of such types should not include opinions at all. The focus of expository pieces of writing has to be the enumeration of facts, events, etc. that will help the reader understand the notion or concept. Apart from other styles, expository writing must be formal and any slang or idiomatic expressions must be excluded.

Descriptive writing

Descriptive writing style definition is an art of describing the places, persons, objects and events using appropriate details.Descriptive writing aims to entertain the reader. Many students think that this style is the most compelling one because it allows enjoying the beauty of language. Papers written in descriptive style usually have more adverbs and adjectives than those produced in any other writing style. One can see a vivid use of figurative language and sense words that allow one to see and feel the same emotions as the writer does. Sentences in descriptive papers are usually long and complex.

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