4 Looks of Cinderella as a Fashion Inspiration

4 Looks of Cinderella as a Fashion Inspiration

People who love clothes look for fashion inspiration everywhere. They use music, art and even iconic characters from childhood to create their style. One of the most magical experiences I've had as a kid is Cinderella story created by Disney. Even without giving a full plot overview, we all remember the cartoon.

Four looks taking my fashion inspiration from the movie

  • Cinderella the Servant

Cinderella story starts with her being a servant to her stepmother and two awful step-sisters. Her clothes are cute but very plain. However, her look is very feminine, so simple T-shirts and shorts won't be enough to channel the character. Try to pair a cute peasant blouse with a cardigan and remember that the look should not prevent you from going around and doing you chores.

  • Before the Transformation

Without going into a plot overview, let me remind you of that heart-wrenching moment when poor Cinderella runs from the house where her evil sisters have just torn up her dress. She is crying under a tree where her fairy god mother eventually finds her. That torn gown in the garden can be recreated with a floral head band and a cute one-shouldered piece with some ruffles.

  • Casual Cinderella

The best part of the Cinderella story is her meeting the Prince for the first time. Her dress is quite extravagant, but it can be recreated as a more casual outfit. Just find a simple blue dress and add intricate accessories to accentuate the magical aspect. Personally, I have a ring with a little silver mouse on it that symbolizes Cinderella's little grey friends. I would also add a watch locket, so all you enchanted princesses out there should remember when it is time to go home.

  • Cinderella at the Ball

Of course, if you want to recreate Cinderella story completely and go to the ball, you'll need a party outfit. I've added some clear details with the clutch and jewelry but decided to stay away from Lucite heels. Despite them being gorgeous in my opinion, they are not considered classy. Perhaps, they'll make a come-back in a couple of years and we'll all be able to enjoy them.

Stay fashionable and remember that modern Cinderella girls don't need princes to make them happy!