6 Ways to Find a Work-at-Home Job

6 Ways to Find a Work-at-Home Job

Many people have limited options when it comes to job opportunities. Single parents, disabled people, people with severe social anxiety would all prefer to earn money without leaving their houses. There are several ways to find such employment without falling into a trap.

How to Find Work-at-Home Jobs

Google Search

Before committing to anything, do your own research on the company. You don't have to pay a private detective to do it either. A quick google search will reveal the general impression people have of your potential employer. If someone's got scammed previously, they might post a review to vent. Just make sure to go past the first page of the official website and enticing job opportunities.

Check the BBB and the Ripoff Report

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is like Yelp, but for employers. If the company you're interested in has too many negative reviews, it's an indication that they are not honest, and you should reconsider working for them. Most work-at-home job organizations are included and you can find them by their email addresses or URLs. TheRipoff Reportis very similar, but comes with the added benefit of checking clients as well, so if you're a freelancer and one of the orders looks sketchy, there's a way to double check.

Public Visibility

People who provide work-at-home job opportunities are usually very open with their info. If a potential employer refuses to provide a phone number or doesn't have a social media profile, it might be an indication that something is amiss.

Social Proof

A good work-at-home job nowadays has a lot to do with social media and that's where you should go for proof of legitimacy. Glowing testimonials and customer reviews are a good indication that a company is real. Additionally, if the company has been featured in a major news outlet, it is a great boost to their reputation.

Sometimes, you've done everything right and gone through every single step, but the job opportunity still doesn't feel right to you. Well, sometimes you should trust your gut. A good indication of something being wrong is everything sounding way too good. No one in their right mind is going to offer thousands of dollars a day for unskilled labor. Legitimate employment on the Internet is possible, though. So stay safe, be extremely careful, and good luck on your job search.

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