7 Ways for Students to Save Money

7 Ways for Students to Save Money

The truth is it costs tremendous money to study at universities and colleges. Students spend vast sums on textbooks, tuition, household expenses, and entertainment. The only way not to get into debt is to try saving money. Use our tips for students who want to manage their money in an efficient way! 

Student Money Saving Tips

1. Money saving plan for students

Figure out how much money you have and decide what you can afford. Pre-planning is important for effective savings.

2. Swap your things instead of buying new ones

You definitely have a lot of clothes that you no longer wear and loads of things you no longer use. However, there are people who would be happy to own them. Use the auction sites, advertisements, online outlets, campus signs or any other ways to swap your things with somebody. It will show you how to avoid debt, help the environment, decrease the amount of waste, get new stuff easily, and have fun.

3. Use student discounts

Do not forget to take your ID with you. You will be amazed at how much money you can save if you get discounts almost everywhere: at the cinemas, shops, restaurants, and numerous other places even if the discount is not advertised there.

4. Share and save

Remember how you were taught to share as a toddler. Now it is time to share as a student! Offer other students a ride when driving somewhere and get their share of payment for the gas. Buy textbooks and DVDs for two and keep your coin. Try borrowing things with the notes in Facebook statuses.

5. Don't be afraid of used things

It is a principle of microeconomics that the money you spend on something is justified by the use/benefit you get. If you take a used book you will still get knowledge reading it. If you buy a used car, you will get to the place you need anyway. So, why spend more?

6. Save not only cash but the planet as well:

  • Take timed showers
  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Take an extra blanket instead of adding heat

7. Money for food in college

Have dinners at home. If you spend some of your evenings in, you will know how to avoid debt and enjoy communication in a cozy atmosphere. No headache from loud music will be another bonus.

So, why spend more? Start saving now!

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