Date Ideas in Columbia, SC

Date Ideas in Columbia, SC

If you are willing to impress your significant other, it is better to take into account the following date night ideas Columbia sc ideas. There are a lot of unique date ideas in Columbia SC you should use.

Good First Date Ideas

  1. Frankie's Fun Park is an extraordinary place for dating. It offers different games that vary from a fierce competition in a game of laser tag to mini golf in the light of the moon. Such an energizing date will be definitely memorable.
  2. In case your boyfriend or girlfriend prefers adventures, rent a kayak or canoe and experience a rush of adrenaline together. Nevertheless, you may also go on a tranquil 3-hour guided tour to relish with your date.
  3. It will be an enjoyable time for your partner if you invite them to a free music concert. A romantic mix of classical music and world hits can create unforgettable feelings of love and joy. It's one of the most popular and fun things to do in Columbia SC at night.
  4. Fancy watching exotic animals and blossoming gardens? If you are a proponent of such a marvelous idea, visit Riverbanks Zoo and Garden.
  5. Drive-in Movie will give you an ideal opportunity to enjoy each other watching a movie in the park. To make an evening even more unique, rent an authentic car.

Activities on a date night Columbia SC

You may engage in numerous activities on your date. The following tips will teach you how to have fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Here you can read about date ideas for married couples also.

  1. Baking cookies together gives a possibility to interact with your partner and get to know him/her better. You are guaranteed to have a lot of fun with your beloved.
  2. Another yummy activity is eating sushi together. SakiTumi has special offers for couples at a reasonable price.
  3. One more gripping thing that you can do on a date is flying a kite. Since Columbia is rich in parks and full of open spaces, you may both enjoy the process of kite flying and have an intimate conversation with your honey. Additionally, if the sky attracts you, you may organize a date on a hot air balloon.
  4. If you want to express your romantic nature, order a carriage ride. Observing Columbia from a new perspective in a carriage will make your love feel like in a fairy-tale.

Dating ABC's, which includes 26 activities, will help express your creativity and enthusiasm. In such case, the first letter of activity corresponds to each letter of the alphabet.Come up with your own ideas, or use these and amaze your significant other.