How to Survive First Semester of College

How to Survive First Semester of College

Many students dread their first semester at college because they're unaware of things ahead. However,if you know what to expect, it'll seem less intimidating. First semester of college is the hardest and you should to know how make it easier. Get prepared for college life with our list of 15 essential things you learn in college.

Life Lessons Learned in College

1. Leave your dressy outfits at home

If you're going to take a suitcase full of classy apparels, you should reconsider your decision. Pack only essentials. Prefer quality over quantity.

2. Be smart when it comes to laundry

If you don't want your laundry to be scattered all over the room, stick to the schedule. Also, be quick and friendly.

3. Get your own car if possible

You either should put up with the campus shuttle system or keep your own car and splash out on the gas tank. However, the car helps you go shopping, commute and get away from it all.

4. Shower shoes are a must

Wearing flip-flops in the shower will protect you from unwanted diseases. Besides, if you're the only one wandering barefoot down the corridor, people will gossip.

5. Be inventive when it comes to nutrition

If on-campus cafeteria doesn't provide healthy alternatives, use appliances allowed in your room and arm yourself with a book of recipes.

6. People come and leave

Don't hope that all your old friends will always be there for you. The bottom line is to:

  • Start making new friends.
  • Establish the relationships with people on the floor.
  • Get to know your roommates.

7. Students understand the word "hygiene" differently

Unfortunately, some people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom or don't wash their hair for weeks. Get some hand sanitizer and suck it up.

8. College isn't always about fun

Apart from partying, you're required to work hard. You can join extracurricular activities, but you won't escape from monotonous days of cramming.

9. Learn to share space with others

Finding a serene spot on the swamped campus is difficult. Nevertheless, you can always team up with your roomies and turn your room into a home.

10. There are good and bad professors

With higher expectations in college, it's harder to receive As. Besides, some professors that stir things up. Therefore, before signing up for classes

  • Figure out what type of learning environment works for you.
  • Check out professor review websites.
  • Make sure that professor's teaching style fits you.

11. Everyone comes from different backgrounds

Not everyone is supposed to share your interests. Moreover, people with different backgrounds click faster. Thus, make the most of the new experiences and try meeting many new people.

12. Prioritize

It's nearly impossible to juggle studying and social life if you don't manage your time. Therefore:

  • Plan your day.
  • Keep a schedule.
  • Find a happy medium between college life and social one.

13. Find a shoulder to cry on

At some point, you'll have to deal with a breakdown. But friends will help you get back on track.

14. Social media makes you think everyone has more fun in college than you do

If acquaintances post pictures of their fun on Facebook, don't take them too seriously. They can make you feel left out or jealous. Put down your phone and go for some memories of your own.

15. College time ends in the blink of an eye

While you are busy with never-ending homework, college flies by. In a while, you're going to be a top-notch specialist wondering where all the time went.

We hope that these pieces of advice will help you make the most of your college life. Keep them in mind and take care!