Pieces of Music to Evoke Thanksgiving Spirit


Under present-day conditions, people may perceive Thanksgiving as an opportunity to stuff their stomach with scrumptious food and to gain some extra pounds in the close family circle. Pumpkin pies and turkey under classic gravy - it even sounds mouth-watering! In addition, the TV is switched on in the living room and you can hear your dad's comments on the football match. It sounds like something ordinary and eliminates the true spirit of Thanksgiving. With the list of the following songs you will bring back the original meaning of Thanksgiving and its value.

Best Thanksgiving Songs

  • Charlie Brown "Thanksgiving Theme" - Vince Guaraldi Trio

Introduced in the 1960s, this instrumental became extremely popular at rapid rate. This song will be a cup of tea for everyone as it will make your family recollect the affectionate childhood memories and have a wave of nostalgia. What is more, it will bridge the generation gap and even help to create some new abiding memories.

  • "Give Thanks and Praises" - Bob Marley

Show me a person who has never heard about one of the greatest singers beyond this sky - Bob Marley. The fascinating voice will lead you to the world's greatest desire - peace. "Give thanks and praises so high" sings Bob and you unwillingly start smiling and forget about the pain and all the worries that have disturbed you for so long. Personally, this song is the best pain relief.

  • "Thank U" - Alanis Morissette

The pop-rocker from Canada wrote her Grammy-nominated single after coming back from the goddess trip to India with her nearest and dearest. The song introduces us emotions, so inner and powerful that you cannot think of something else but of the strong feeling of gratitude the singer imposes. It is more than just wearing your heart on your sleeve, it is showing your innermost thoughts, cherished dreams, and the soul itself.

  • "I Want to Thank You" - Otis Redding

Saying goodbye is never easy and Otis Redding produced an absolute proof with this piece. The general melancholy of song grows along with the narration and understanding that before this farewell was a long heartrending story of a couple who loved each other. The narrator gives the promise that the memories of this love and tenderness will forever have a place in his heart.

  • "Thank God for Sinners" - Ty Segall

The title of this song may sound a bit weird but when you see the name of the performer it comes clear without explanation. Celebrate Thanksgiving with the extraordinary rock king!

Remember to say thanks and express your gratitude to your family and enjoy every second spent with them. Bear in mind that this holiday is not just a fest or eating contest and its spiritual value should not be underestimated. Introduce these songs and stop bottling up your emotions!