Understanding the 500 Word Essay Format

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Working within the confines of the 500 word essay format and knowing how to write an essay of this type is not necessarily as easy as you might at first expect. Nevertheless, this is not something you should worry unduly about or start thinking you have failed before you even begin the task. Much like other essays, the 500 word variety has a set structure and other requirements that need to be adhered to. When you stick to the standard conventions that usually apply to essay writing, it will become clear to you that this type of assignment can be relatively easy to complete. Therefore, to avoid failure and instead succeed in completing your writing projects in a problem-free manner, take a look at the following tips. 

How Does the 500 Word Essay Differ from other Types of Essay

In actual fact, there is very little difference between this and other types of essay. A 500-word essay is a fairly typical format with a similar structure to other genres of essay. This means it consists of three primary parts, which are:

  • a) an introductory paragraph;
  • b) a few body paragraphs;
  • c) a concluding paragraph.

The purpose of this type of essay is often to describe particular objects or events, or certain phenomenon. In addition, similar to other essays, these objectives can be achieved using different techniques. For instance, you could use the compare and contrast style to convey your point(s) or characterize the subject matter from a particular viewpoint.

So, how long is a 500 word essay? Despite the answer seeming to be in the title, a lot of students wonder what the exact length of this type of essay should be. For instance, is it permissible to end up with a few more words or a few less than the 500? What would the consequences of this be?

Usually, a 500 word essay equates to one-and-a-half pages of text. In papers like these, it is usual to use double-spacing and a 12pt Times New Roman font. However, it is always advisable to check these points with your course instructor in case they want any changes. They may even provide additional guidelines concerning the number of words and the structure of the essay.

How to Write a 500 Word Essay Top Tips!

If you refer to any 500 word essay example, you should get a good idea about the structure of this type of essay. However, in the event you have other questions about the 500 word format, please take a look at the following tips.

Every 500 word essay begins with an introduction section. It is in this first part you should include your central thesis statement, around which the rest of your paper will be developed. This thesis statement will need to be supported and, for this to be possible, you will need to pay careful attention to your choice of topic. Generally speaking, a suitable topic is one that will not just be interesting for your readers but also one that halves the amount of work you will need to do. Essentially, this means that if you know what you will be writing about and understand which pieces of information will be needed to support your arguments and thesis statement, the task will be made much easier for you. In fact, little effort will be required on your part.

If you already know how to write a 500 word essay, you will know that the next part of this type of essay is the body or main body section. In order to get this part right, you should:

  • Use an original method or approach to persuade your readers that your point of view is correct;
  • Describe your feelings and emotions towards the subject you have chosen and share these with your readers;
  • Make your readers feel as if they are part of the subject you are researching and writing about and do your best to make them think about and analyze the issue or problem you are dealing with.

The last section in this type of essay is the conclusion. Here you should restate and summarize the key points of your paper. A concluding section is usually quite short try to keep it to, say, a 50-word paragraph (approximately). You should not include any additional or new information in this last part since this might negatively affect your entire work.

Now you may be asking, "How much is a 500 word essay to buy?" If you are looking to buy essays online, do remember that the essays you create yourself or get a professional writer to create on your behalf are not like the example papers found on the Internet. Indeed, they are usually more successful in terms of the grades or results they can bring you. The fact is that when you write your own papers, you should be able to see more clearly where your strengths and weaknesses are and this should help you improve your writing. Even with a 500 word essay, it is usually necessary to research the topic thoroughly while making sure the sources you use are credible and that these appear in your list of references.

Finally, if you are ever asked to write 500 word essay papers, you should find the task a lot easier if you adhere to the tips provided above and here you can check on plagiarism.