Unmissable Things to Do in Toronto

Unmissable Things to Do in Toronto

Toronto is a wonderful city located in Canada, on the shores of Lake Ontario. Tourists can visit a lot of nice places and see amazing landscapes. Toronto's bustling streets and vibrant atmosphere keep people energetic during the day. This city is definitely worth visiting. Find out special things to do in Toronto this weekend.

Toronto Attractions

1. The CN Tower

The gigantic CN Tower gives you a bird's eye view of the entire city. You can also take the "Edge Walk" around the tower from the outside to get an overwhelming portion of adrenaline.

2. Centre Island

Centre Island is a family-friendly place where you can get away from a hectic city life. Also, a scenic ferry ride around Lake Ontario offers you a "therapy for eyes".

3. Sports Games

If you're a sports lover and don't know what to do in Toronto, see some renowned Toronto sports teams in action. Opt for;

  • A soccer match
  • A baseball game with the Toronto Blue James
  • A Raptors basketball game

4. High Park and James Gardens

With their lush greenry, High Park and James Gardens are a paradise on the Earth. In spring, all people converge in High Park to take a look at the splendid cherry blossom trees.

5. Concerts and Festivals

What to do in Toronto if you're a music fan? It's a cradle of top-notch music. Concerts and music festivals attract many foreigners. If you're a fan of jazz, pop, rock, rap, or EDM, pack your stuff and head for Toronto!

6. The Medieval Times Show

The Show offers you to move back in times when knights took part in tournaments to win the title and affection of their fair maiden. It guarantees you an adventure of a lifetime.

7. Queen's Street

Queens Street is one of the places to visit in Toronto. Want to go on a shopping spree, sample scrumptious meals of various cuisines, or watch a flamboyant parade? Whatever you're up to, it's all there.

8. The Marketplace

What to do in Toronto? Why not visit Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market. Dating back to the 19th century, these places are steeped in the history of Toronto.

9. The Canadian National Exhibition

The CNE is a large-scale carnival. A bunch of shopping stalls, amusing animal shows, tasty street food, and exhilarating activities are only at the CNE.

10. Nathan Phillips Square

This square is famous for spring, summer, and fall festivals. In winter, however, it turns into an ice rink decorated with artificial lights, which reminds more of a fairytale.

Now, you know what places to visit and what things to do in Toronto if you happen to be there. Anyway, it's a welcoming city with lots of fun.