Write Best Resume with 10 Simple Tips

Write Best Resume with 10 Simple Tips

Working for an organization that focuses on creating resumes, I know how an impressive CV should look like. Follow my tips to avoid some common mistakes that create a negative impression of you. 

Easy Resume Writing Tips

Make sure your resume is well-organized:

  • Work on the structure of your resume.
  • Pay attention to your formatting.
  • Use appropriate types of bullets, spacing, and fonts.
  • Format dates according to the requirements. If you stated the month in your education, include it in your work experience as well.

Include only pertinent information

The highlighted skills should be relevant to the position you apply for. If the related experience isn't your strong suit, mention some transferable skills you developed while in school.

Use job descriptions provided by your previous employer

Don't write out your daily tasks. Take advantage of the job description that the company you worked for uses to hire new employees. In such a way, you will save time of coming up with a list of tasks you have accomplished.

Use a proper tense

Describe your previous experiences in past tense. So, instead of saying, "Prepare the company's budget, change it to,"Prepared the company's budget". If you're currently working somewhere, mention it by using present tense.

Provide detailed description of your past experiences

Even though you use bullet points to talk about your work experience, always write in full sentences. Also, try arranging each sentence in one line.

Action words make a difference

Instead of statements, use action words to make an impression of a valuable worker. So, instead of saying, "I prepared the company's budget", you'd better say, "I managed the preparation of the company's budget."

Numbers are important

By quantifying your work experience, you must show why you might become a real asset to the employer. Add numbers when talking about the amount of work you did daily.

Use key words from the job posting

To make your resume eye-catching, apply language from the job posting. Include words like teamwork and cooperation if you apply for a customer service position.

Mention your skills

Include your outside skills like PowerPoint or Excel. Present your additional abilities like it's a valuable experience that should be considered when evaluating your application.

Ask yourself, "Would this resume attract me?"

Once you have written your resume, evaluate it objectively, and ask a friend to give a feedback.

Now you know how to make a good first impression with the help of your CV. Remember that it should fit the job descriptions and draw the employer's attention. And more tips for writing interview winning resumes are here.

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